Our Mission Statement: Establishing a Christian community through Gospel-driven discipleship
How do we do this? We are called to Follow, Love, and Go


Follow: How we respond to Jesus Christ and His word.

We recognize the value of learning God’s word. It is filled with treasures beyond comprehension. The scripture says: when one finds the Kingdom of heaven it is like one who finds a treasure in a field. He sells all that he has and goes and buys the field.


Love: How we respond to God and fellow believers.

Our greatest strength as a Christian community is when we are together, involved and learning with others. Here we can share, participate, contribute and grow as part of the body of Christ. It is also as we live through participation with each other, that we can truly begin to see how the contributing parts of the body of Christ is greater than the individual parts.


Go: How we respond in sharing the gospel of grace.

Jesus came to serve others. This is often what is so attractive about Christ. He unselfishly gave himself for us. The world desperately needs to know the Christ that genuinely cares for them.

CROSSroads is a Bible Fellowship Church

The Bible Fellowship Church is a fellowship of local churches, centered upon the Word of God, and committed to reaching the lost through the transforming power of the Gospel. 

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